The woman behind the Prize


Aurora, the inspirational woman behind the Prize

When we decided to create a global humanitarian Prize, we looked for inspiration at the stories of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

One story was particularly moving.

Aurora Mardiganian was a young girl who lived through horrors of the Genocide - forced to witness and experience terrible acts, but was then able to escape; making an epic journey to build a new life in America.

In the process, she inspired a popular book and film, raising millions of dollars of much needed humanitarian relief for Armenian orphans.

Throughout the 100 years since the Genocide began, her life has been the subject of many articles, broadcast stories, documentary and feature films, all ensuring her legend lives from generation to generation.

She died aged 93 in a Californian care home.

The Aurora Prize is a means of both showing gratitude for acts of humanity but also giving substantive help to those creating brighter tomorrows for people around the world. Just as Aurora Mardiganian did herself.

You can read more about her life story here.

Images courtesy of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

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The inspiring story of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide