Aurora to Coordinate Volunteers Helping Artsakh

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is happy to announce that it continues helping the people of Artsakh and that the program is currently entering a new phase, during which Aurora’s established network will be used to connect volunteers willing to donate their time and expertise with humanitarian organizations in need of assistance on the ground. At the same time, Aurora keeps providing direct aid to twenty different projects with a total budget of AMD 102 million ($200,000) and running the international #AraratChallenge4Artsakh fundraising campaign.

Over the years, Aurora has created diverse platforms tackling the most pressing global challenges, acquiring unique expertise in working with dedicated volunteers in the process. The Initiative has also accumulated an impressive contact database of 9,000 individuals who have expressed their wish to donate their time and skills to the Initiative and its projects. For the 2018 Aurora Prize weekend alone, more than 3,000 people had applied.

After Aurora has announced it would be collecting applications from volunteers willing to help the people of Artsakh, around 300 people answered the call. The team will now put them in touch with the projects listed below.

  1. Bari Mama Foundation needs 10-15 volunteers for packing and purchasing gifts, as well as organizing a New Year party for children from Artsakh. No special skills are required.
  2. Bruntsk2020 requires help to sort, package and deliver the care packages to the final beneficiaries from Artsakh. No special skills are required.
  3. Apaven Volunteer Project intends to involve 10-15 volunteers per week to make basic necessities for the frontline soldiers and the displaced population from Artsakh. Some sewing experience would be an advantage; however, training can be done on the spot.
  4. Christmas Miracle for Artsakh Initiative needs volunteers starting from December 5 to help pack gifts for children. No special skills are required.
  5. Project Hope is looking for volunteers who can help children with homework (including remotely) as well as for volunteer teachers, trauma therapists, photographers and technical support assistants.

As the volunteer coordination program develops further, Aurora continues to collect applications from the organizations in need of assistance at [email protected]. If you’re willing to donate your time or skills to one of the selected projects, please register here.


The Initiative will link projects in need of assistance with volunteers
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