The Stories of the People Close to Us

Andreea Tănase is an independent photo journalist from Romania with more than 10 years of experience. Over the course of her professional career she has addressed various topics and explored Romanian life and culture. Tănase has worked for top newspapers and collaborated with major magazines and photo agencies in the country and abroad.


Armenians Who Rock the World

Most music connoisseurs have heard of Komitas, but Armenians’ musical talents extend way beyond classics. Below is a selection of the world’s coolest Armenian rockers, meticulously prepared by our staff musician. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


Armenian Treasures

Over the centuries Armenians have had an influence on many a local culture and the world civilization at large. It is difficult to argue the Armenian people’s tremendous potential and their contributions to a wide range of discoveries that have changed the world.


How Monuments See Us

We walk by all sorts of statues and monuments every day, our eyes accustomed to the sight. But as we look at them, we don’t always realize that they are looking back at us. Do you ever wonder how a monument sees you? We brought our video drone along for a walk around Yerevan and took some areal shots, getting as close to the statues’ eyes as possible. Here’s what we saw.


The Photographic Eye of the Beholder

Documentary photography often calls people's attention to issues that tend to get swept under the rug, avoided or purposefully forgotten. Time and again, photographers appeal to our conscience to help nudge us out of shells and comfort zones and into unedited reality.


Travel to Armenia: FAQs

So say you have been persuaded to come visit that most hospitable and breathtaking of countries: Armenia. Now there are practicalities to think about, questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed. All kinds of wonderful travel websites can help you prepare and plan your trip, but you also might want to hear it from the source, that is, from Armenians themselves. Below you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions about visiting Armenia, with more in this series to come. Sugarcoating free and spoken from experience!

Put to the Taste

In the southeastern region of Armenia, in Vayots Dzor, grows one of oldest types of grape in the world – Areni. Coincidentally, Areni is also the name of a nearby village and the annual wine festival that has been taking place there since 2009.

The Areni Wine Festival opens with a spectacular parade of the best wine-makers, followed by music, singing, dancing and wine-tasting, naturally. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover Armenia – or reinforce your passion for this beautiful, warm, welcoming country. No, that’s not just the wine talking.


Armenian Booze to Enjoy Responsibly

The British can claim gin and Americans can claim bourbon, but what drinks can Armenians claim? Armenians have been around for so long that it’s hard to know for sure: some common drinks, like wine and beer, may even have their origins in Armenia. Historical records and recent discoveries show that they’ve been produced there for millennia.

Voices from the Middle Ages

The Armenian miniatures are examples of the Armenian national art of miniature painting from the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and some Armenian colonies. Armenian book miniatures, some examples of which date back to the 6th century, are especially known for their vibrant colors and stylistic diversity. Armenian miniatures are also characterized by exquisite patterns and ornaments. Besides their artistic and historical value, they are a priceless source of information for scholars of Armenian music, theater, ethnography, crafts, agriculture and the history of flora and fauna.



Highway to Heaven

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. But on the road from Yerevan to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Province of southeastern Armenia, every step makes the journey worth the while. Tatev is one of Armenia’s most captivating landmarks.



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